Whats the best time to start the party!?

Most people host their party anywhere between 10:30am-4:30pm on the weekends. However, Periwinkle Parties is super flexible and always available! HINT: Always invite your guests 15 minutes earlier than the entertainer to ensure no one is late and misses out on all the fun.

When should we do the cake?

We believe at the end of the party is the best time because after all the fun it builds up to the best bit of singing happy birthday to the special child of the day! It is great to do the cake when the entertainer is still there so your child feels extra special with their favourite character around and you can take some beautiful pictures and create forever memories.

Do we need to buy or organise anything for your entertainment?

No, we bring everything we need for our entertainment such as treasures, lollies, face paints, balloons, the lot! However, if you would like face painting we do request you have a table and two chairs to set up.

Any tips you think we should know?
  • If you’re planning an outdoor party then its essential to always have an indoor backup plan for if it rains.
  • Invite the entertainer 15 minutes after the party starts to be sure that everyone has got there on time so the entertainer can get everyone involved.