How to Handle Adults at A Kids’ Party

When you’re planning a birthday party for your little one, it can be easy to be so caught up in thinking about how to make it special for the kids that you forget about your other guests. We all know how tricky it can be to make friends as an adult and your child’s birthday party is a great opportunity to meet other parents and make new friends.

Often parents will drop and run when it comes to a kid’s birthday party, so here we’ve come up with a few ways to make your child’s party a bit more adult friendly.

Provide some adult nibbles

It’s hard to go past those childhood classics like fairy bread and party pies, but most adults would probably prefer a nice cheese platter and some mini quiches. Having some adult food available as well will encourage the other parents to hang around and socialise. You don’t need to put on a full spread, but a little effort will go a long way in creating the right atmosphere. And while we’re on the subject of refreshments….

Consider offering some adult beverages

There’s a saying (I just made up) that goes, “it’s easy to make friends when you give them wine.” Obviously, a children’s party is not the place for a booze-up, but one or two glasses of a nice dry white or a fruity red is perfectly acceptable. If you’d rather not offer alcohol then some nice juice or mineral water can be a great alternative.

Hire some entertainment

One of the best (and easiest) ways to make your kid’s party more adult friendly is to pass the reins over to a professional. Hiring a child’s party entertainer takes a lot of the pressure off you as a parent. It’s not easy to keep a dozen over-excited small children safe, having fun and getting along, so why not let an expert handle it? Then you have the freedom to sit back and relax over a glass of wine and antipasti with the other parents.

You can find more information about booking a kids’ party entertainer for your next event here.

Top 4 Venues for a Kids Party in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Being a kids party entertainer for the best 7 years means that I know all the hidden gems for party venues in Sydney. Here is a list of my top picks in order starting from favourite!

The Parks are better for summer parties! However, I would suggest to always have a back up plan incase of wet weather for outdoor parties.
If you are having an outdoor park party – make sure there are bathroom facilities.
Arrive early in the morning to reserve your spot in the park if you have to.

Vaucluse House LOCATION: Vaucluse

About: This would be my top pick for a beautiful outdoor location. The gardens are AMAZING! The whole place looks like a fairy garden and to top it all off they have chickens and goats in the garden you can visit. This is a real hidden gem!
Facilities: Lots of parking, bathrooms and baby changing facilities, shade from the sun.
How to book: Visit their website for more information

Sherbrooke Hall LOCATION: Double Bay

About: I really love this venue because it not only has a huge hall but also an amazing outdoor area that is gated. The outdoor area has a sandpit, a cubby house and plants. This venue is a real win win because its outdoor areas is beautiful and large and it also provides you with a backup plan incase of wet weather. The outdoor area also has a raised small stage area which is perfect for setting up the party table with the cake.
Facilities: Lots of parking, bathrooms, indoor hall and outdoor area, kitchen facilities, shade from the sun.
How to book: Visit their website for more information

Centennial Park LOCATION: Centennial Park

About: The best place for a picnic party! The park is very big so there are ample spots to choose from. My favourite spot is the Willow Pond Picnic Site. However, they have recently built the ‘Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY’ area which is fenced off play area and its PERFECT!
Facilities: Parking (sometimes hard to find a park where you want but there is always a park somewhere), Kiosk, ample bathrooms, access to taps, shade from the sun.
How to book: Visit their website for more informations

Parsley Bay LOCATION: Vaucluse

About: This park really has it all – A climbing area with swings, a kiosk, a beach, large grassy area. This little slice of paradise is great for party photos as every element is picturesque. However the play area is close to the car park and is not gated so I would not recommend this location for parties with very young children.
Facilities: Parking, Bathrooms, Play Equipment and Kiosk.
How to Book: Visit their website for more information